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Blackjack Strategy Online Australia

Kerry Nathanson | June 15, 2021 | Updated on: May 13th, 2024

Best Online Blackjack StrategyBlackjack is a very popular game in the world. Learning the best blackjack strategy is beneficial for you to play the best game. You probably know how to play blackjack already but do you have the proper strategy to make sure your gameplay is elevated to another level.

When you play online, you are usually playing with the best blackjack players. We have compiled the guide to help you find the best blackjack strategy online. Plus, we have suggested some of the best Australian casino websites.

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Basic Blackjack Strategy

The one thing that you need to understand about online blackjack is that the game is all about your decisions. Unlike other games, the decision that you make will impact how your hand turns out in the game and contribute in whether you lose or win at the blackjack table.

Because of this, experts have come up with the best strategy that is mathematically proven online and at land-based casinos. So, you can use this strategy every time you want to have the best odds when in 21.

Blackjack Rules

The one thing you need to understand is that blackjack aims to beat the dealer’s hand without going over 21. So, before the cards are dealt, you will need to place a bet.

Every player starts with two cards that are facing up. Face cards are always worth ten. While an Ace is worth 1 or 11, depending on the value of that makes a hand better. One of the dealer’s two cards will be facing down until after every player has formed their own hands.

As the game is still going on, you can ask for another card. To do this, you will have to press the hit button or decide to stick with the hand you have, in which case you can press the stand button.

You’re always welcome to keep hitting until you find the best cards for your hand. However, when you do this, you risk going over 21. When you go over 21, this is usually called the bust, and if you bust, the dealer will win regardless of what hand he/she has.

The dealer can take as many cards as they want until they have a total of 17 or higher.

Online Blackjack Terms

Here are a few terms that you need to know when you are playing blackjack to make the right decision and play blackjack like a pro.


Blackjack is the best possible hand that you can have. It has an Ace and another card valued at ten. Most casinos usually pay out 3:2. For example, if you bet $10, you will get back $15.


When you go bust, that means you have gone over 21. As we have said before, when you go past 21, that means an automatic loss.

Double down/doubling:

When you double down you place an additional bet equal to the first wager you placed. Then you’ll receive another card. You can only double down when you have your first two cards. For example, if you have placed a $5 wager and you get dealt an 11, you can place another $5 bet and receive another card; however, you cannot hit again when you get a two or a ten.

Hard hand:

This means that any hand that doesn’t have an Ace can count as 11. For example, a ten and a 7 is a hard 17.


When you hit, that means we have asked the dealer for another card.


When the dealer’s face-up card is an Ace, you can place a side bet of up to half the original bet, so if the dealer has the blackjack, the insurance will pay out to 2:1. However, if the dealer doesn’t have blackjack, the insurance bet will lose this wager is based on probability. We suggest that you don’t take the insurance bet if you are not experienced in the game.


When you push, your hand is tied with the dealer, and that means you can keep your original bet. So, that means the dealer doesn’t win but you don’t lose either.

Soft hand:

When you have a soft hand, that means you have an Ace that is valued at 11 instead of a one. For example, you can have an ace and a card valued at six, which means you have a soft 17.


If you’re dealt two equal cards, you can split them and make two different hands. You can then place an additional bet to match your original bet. For example, if you paid $10 and you get two 4s, you can split the two 4s and create another hand. But you will have to place another $10 bet.


When you decide to stand, you are sticking with the hand you have and don’t want any more cards.


When you surrender, you see what the dealer has, and you give up.  So, you’ve abandoned the hand you have and can recover your original bet when you have surrendered. If you have a bad hand, surrendering is the best option because you get to keep some of the money you have wagered and don’t have to lose too much.

Basic Blackjack Strategy Chart

You can use this chart to help you play your best blackjack game all the time. However, keep in mind that this chart is not a miracle worker. So, you may have to be patient. The following strategy is known as a basic strategy, and it shows you how to play the game.

Perfect Blackjack Strategy Chart

The Perfect Blackjack Strategy

The best blackjack strategy will help you gain an edge over the house while reducing the inflexible house advantage. So, there are few things to remember when you use this blackjack strategy. When you follow these rules, you’ll give yourself the best chance.

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