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Best Roulette Calculator for 2024

Kerry Nathanson | July 28, 2021 | Updated on: May 8th, 2024

Best Roulette CalculatorA roulette calculator is helpful for new players. Especially those who are having difficulties deciding what size of their base bet unit to use based on their overall bankroll.

These calculators are often available for free online. For players who use these calculators at a roulette session usinga certain betting system can maximize the chances of a payout.

Here is a guide to help you understand how roulette calculators work. We have also provided a list of the best roulette casinos in Australia.

Top Online Roulette Casinos in Australia


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How Does a Roulette Calculator Work?

Some roulette betting calculators can be found online. Calculators determine your base bet unit according to your bankroll. In casino games, the base betting unit is the amount you wager on each spin of the ball.

When playing roulette, it is essential to remember that discipline is an important factor. As long as you stick to the same stake size throughout the session, you’ll be successful. A long winning streak can result in a good profit if you stick to the fixed unit and spend an optimal amount of time at the table.

Here are the steps needed to use an online roulette betting calculator:

  • Calculating your bankroll only takes a few clicks. For example, you budgeted AU$200 for a single roulette bet.
  • There are three types of units: safe, recommended, and high-risk.
  • Your approach to roulette will depend on whether you’re a high roller or a risk-averse player.

When playing roulette, beginners should keep their investments below 2% of their bankroll. A single bet cannot exceed 5% of your total bankroll. For beginners, it is generally recommended to stick to base units of 1% of their bankroll, at least until they learn what wagering strategy works best.

Roulette Calculators Online

Safe Betting Units

A 200-dollar bankroll is fed into the calculator, which calculates the number of safe units worth $2. You can consider it to be a part of your bankroll.

The minimum and maximum bets on a roulette wheel at a land-based casino can differ. Casinos usually require a minimum wager of $5 per spin for roulette, but you can wager as little as $1. If you play online, you can resolve this problem.

You can bet as little as $1 or even $0.50 on many online roulette variations. When you’d like to wager a small sum on a game, you should play low stakes roulette at home.

Recommended Betting Units

A unit recommendation follows after the calculation. Whatever your initial bankroll, there is always a recommendation unit equal to 2%.

Those with a bankroll of $200 should bet more than $4 per unit. It allows you to maximize your time at a roulette table, so it’s ideal for use at a game.

It’s also possible to minimize your losses by using a recommended unit if you hit a long losing streak, especially since you won’t have to risk a large portion of your bankroll for each spin.

It is best for novices playing roulette to make smaller bets than to stake large sums of money and lose the entire bankroll.

High-Risk Betting Units

The roulette calculators available on the Internet also calculate high-risk wagering units for the type of player who prefers to bet big and collect greater profits. Based on an example $200 bankroll, the roulette wagering calculator determines a high-risk bet of $8. In this instance, the maximum roulette bet limit is 4% of your bankroll, which is considered the highest yet safest amount.

The purpose of high-risk bet units is to ensure you don’t lose more than you can afford. As soon as you have a losing streak, you might want to consider reducing your next bet to the recommended bet unit to avoid betting too much.

Determining the Best Base Betting Unit with a Roulette Calculator

Players use online roulette betting calculators to help them determine how much to stake at the roulette table and what range of units they should put at stake. Each player decides how much to bet on each spin. To be on the safe side, players should only play with money they are willing to lose.

When you worry about losing a given sum of money per spin, you should avoid putting that amount at risk. The most important thing is to stick to the limits you have set for yourself and feel comfortable with them. To maximize your time at the roulette table, pick the betting unit that allows you to minimize your bankroll risk without sacrificing too much of your bankroll.

It would be best if you also remembered that these calculators are only intended for reference purposes. Players should adjust their base betting units until they are comfortable with the unit they have chosen. This will help them find a balance.

If you join a roulette table, the most important thing is to stick with your wagering unit, no matter what happens. Occasionally, players increase their bet units after enduring a long losing streak. By increasing your bet units, you might end up losing your entire bankroll because there is no guarantee the next spin will produce a win.

Roulette Calculator: Overview

The use of online betting calculators for roulette is useful for determining the size of your base betting units. Additionally, you may be able to find online roulette calculators that calculate the odds of winning specific roulette bets if you search online. Several calculators will predict the number of the next spin.

The spins have no relationship with one another, and we need to keep this in mind. Each spin is completely independent of the others, and there is no interaction between them. In roulette, all the numbers on the wheel have an equal chance of coming up during the next spin, so it’s impossible to predict the outcome exactly. So, calculators that calculate the numbers based on previous winnings can be ineffective.

Nevertheless, it might be useful if a calculator could calculate betting units when managing players’ funds. However, the user is free to alter the suggested betting units if they do not feel comfortable.

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