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Is there a Pattern in Roulette?

It’s expected for Australian players to try and find out if there is a pattern in roulette so as to secure more wins. The good thing is roulette is one of the easiest table games to play. All a player has to do is to make a prediction of where the roulette ball will land on the wheel.

Most players have, however, attempted to add patterns into their roulette strategies so as to try to increase their odds of winning. Although there aren’t any guarantees where the ball will land each time the wheel spins, there are a few betting patterns you can incorporate. Read on and find some of the best popular roulette patterns available for AU players.

is there a pattern in roulette

Best Betting Pattern in Roulette

There are different ways that gamblers can use to cover the roulette wheel when placing bets. Some of these best roulette betting patterns are:

Hedge Betting Pattern on Dozens: Players can use the hedge patterns when wagering on dozens. Every dozen is made up of 12 consecutive numbers, and this type of betting pattern will require the player to wager on one dozen, plus other inside bets too. For example, a gambler can place a $5 wager on the first dozen (numbers 1 to 12), then place $1 bets on five splits. This means that there’ll be 15numbers left that aren’t wagered on. The player will win $17 from their $1 bets, and lose only $4 from their splits. With this pattern, you will realize that you will still be making a bit of profit, even after losing some of the bets.

Shotwell Betting Pattern: The Shotwell betting system is another interesting betting pattern players can use. With this roulette betting pattern, you can increase your chances of winning by evenly distributing your wagers across the wheel. It is made up of the six number combination, together with the 4 straight-up bets. This means that when placing your bet, you should include a six line bet, plus four straight up bets. Practically, you will have a 25% chance of winning with every spin considering that every fourth number on the wheel will be covered.

Use Patterns in Roulette to Win Real Money

To sum it all up, online roulette is a game of chance and if you would like to increase your chances in winning real money, we recommend using any of the top betting patterns explained above. However, it’s still important to remember that it’s impossible to predict exactly where the ball will land. But these betting strategies will significantly increase your chances of winning. So, once you’re ready for some reel-spinning action, visit any of the top roulette casinos we feature and start playing for real money today!